Can I bring in our own food?

We don’t permit outside food as we have a fulltime professional kitchen staff that will prepare the meals.

Can I bring my pet on retreat?

While we love animals we would not be able to accommodate your pet while on retreat.

Can I come at any time for a directed or undirected retreat?

It depends on our programming, contact our registrar.  You may walk the land any time, use the labyrinth or visit the Jesuit cemetery.

Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

We are well versed in vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and pretty much any special requirements you might have.

Do you have any private ensuites?

No. Our bathrooms are dormitory style. A fully accessible bathroom is located on the first floor at Loyola House.

Do you have to be Catholic to book space at Loyola?

We support and encourage everyone to use our facilities.

Do you provide laundry service?

We have self-serve laundry facilities for guests and retreatants.

Do you use food from the land here?

Yes, whenever possible.

What is a directed retreat?

Like most retreats, the environments will be one of prayerfulness and silence; the focus is a upon the presence and activity of God in your life. Each retreatant will be with a spiritual director on a daily basis and the rest of the time will be theirs to be on their own in silence. Prayerful reflection with sacred scripture is the usual setting for this process. There is no preset pattern for directed retreat.