The Ignatius Neighbourhood Farm Initiative

Community Created Pick-Up Sites

CSAsharesThe Ignatius Neighbourhood Farm Initiative provides fresh organic CSA shares from Ignatius Farm to new pick-up sites specifically picked by local community groups! This allows your local neighborhood or community group to arrange an Ignatius CSA drop off location within Guelph that is close, convenient and works best for your group.


Who is this for?

A community created pick-up site is a fun and convenient way to bring fresh summer vegetables and health to:

  • Neighborhood groups
  • Schools
  • Daycare centers (fresh organic source of vegetables for baby food)
  • Naturopath centers
  • Interest groups brought together by a love of local organic food, healthy lifestyle, low-impact living, spiritual groups, etc.
  • Members of a business or workplace
  • Any group that loves fresh summer organic vegetables

Minimum Share Size and Bonus Perks

A community requires at least 15 full CSA shares to qualify for a community created pick-up site. When 15 shares are ordered your group will receive a 16th share free!

What We Provide

CSAshares2Staff members will place skids on the agreed upon site and bring weekly deliveries of Ignatius Farm organic CSA shares to the location during the summer season. Every week Ignatius Farm staff will deliver boxes of quality produce and retrieve empty boxes from the previous week. For business drop locations, we will provide training for the staff members who will serve as the location’s CSA contact.

Communications and Logistics

Your community created pick-up site will need a designated host. Ideally this will be one person who will receive the Ignatius CSA shares each week and make sure they are all picked up or distributed among community members. This way no one in your group misses their box of fresh veggies!

An ideal site would be sheltered from the sun and rain to avoid spoilage of your yummy vegetables, be accessible by car for share pick-ups by members, and secure (to make sure that the CSA shares get to their intended recipients). Drop offs will be available Tuesdays OR Fridays every week. If your community group is smaller than 15 shares, or lies outside of Guelph, please contact us to discuss possible exceptions. If your pick up is outside of Guelph 20 shares will get you a 21st share free.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!  Please contact:

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