Land Features

Ignatius Old-Growth Forest Project

The Ignatius Old-Growth Forest project: a nature sanctuary for wildlife and people. This unique, 500 year project aims to foster the conditions for the development of old-growth forest, and in the short term, contribute to the restoration of Marden Creek.

Walking and Ski Trails

Over 15 km of trails are available for both walking and cross–country skiing. Ignatius Jesuit Centre is also home to the Guelph Nordic Ski Club trails.

Marden Creek

Marden Creek meanders through 2.2 kilometres of the Centre’s land, including a 1 kilometre stretch through the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest. With the removal of the old Ignatius dam in 2010, the creek has returned to its original cold-water state. On the southeast corner of the property, Marden Creek meets the Speed River.

Mill Ruins

The attrition of a field-stone foundation: remnants of a saw mill built in 1833 by the land’s original owner, Charles Julius Mickle. Noteworthy local historical features, the mill ruins and remnants of an old barn and silo can be found just south of Marden Creek on the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest project site.

Jesuit Cemetery

The Centre is honoured to be the final resting place for many of Canada’s Jesuits.

Sacred Spaces

The Labyrinth, the Stations of the Cosmos, the Peace Pole, the Statuary, the Willow Dome; these are all spaces at Ignatius that facilitate reflection, prayer, and learning.

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