The Ignatius Old-Growth Forest Project offers a beautiful and peaceful setting for people of all ages to engage with and learn about the wonders of the natural world.

We provide a range of opportunities and activities for groups or individuals to partake in the project, providing hands-on experience and knowledge that address:

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Climate Change
  • Bio-diversity Conservation
  • Water Protection
  • Nature Connection

Throughout the year there are a number of scheduled events, workshops and community workdays focused on these issues. We also provide individually tailored programs and guided tours for schools and community groups.

Read about the Old-Growth Forest activities that you can participate in! To learn more about our programs or to find out how to volunteer for an upcoming event, contact us.


Current updates will be added as they come. Also, check our Facebook page for the latest news.

Interested in Volunteering in the Old-Growth Forest?

Interested in volunteering to plant and nourish trees, mend trails, clean waterways and more “on-the-ground” activities? Let us put you on the volunteer call-list for when these field activities start by completing the volunteer application form.