During the walk, you will most likely develop sore, tired feet, maybe even a few blisters. This is part of the pilgrimage experience.

  • Pilgrims need to be able to walk at a pace of 4 to 4.5 km per hour depending on terrain for 20-28 km daily.
  • Foot care is critical so train ahead of time. See the checklist for tips but everyone’s feet are different, pack a first aid kit.
  • For safety reasons it is critical that group walks no more than 2 side by side, always staying on the shoulder of the road and that the gap between the front and end of the line is minimized.
  • Review and be familiar with all safety rules that are part of the registration package. Safety is critical for a successful pilgrimage.
  • Those unable to keep up with the group’s pace can use the support vehicles to be shuttled up hills or to the next rest spot.
  • Breaks: Morning and afternoon snack and water breaks 15 minutes each; Lunch is one hour and Porta Potties will be available.
  • Walk in silence: 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon
  • Pilgrims are responsible for setting up and packing up their camping gear daily. Remember that August nights can be cool.
  • Camp Chairs, tents and duffle/hockey bags are packed in different locations on the trucks.
  • Ensure everything is clearly labeled with your name as tents, bags and chairs all look alike. Duct tape and a sharpie are great helpers.

Day 1 Start from Ignatius Jesuit Centre

6:00     Meet at the 1st parking lot on the left as you enter the Ignatius college grounds

            Go to registration table to collect you name tag and check in.

Drop the following off in the correct pile for loading onto the trucks

  1. Camp chair (goes on smaller truck)
  2. Tent  (stacked on racks in the large truck)
  3. Duffle Bag or hockey bag with your clothing, sleeping bag, pillow etc. (piled in the large truck, and rectangular shapes pack best and safest)

Keep with you whatever you need for the day. Eg. full water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, hat, etc

Make your way to Loyola House with your family if they would like to attend mass.

Cars can remain parked for the week in this parking lot

7:00     Mass at Loyola House followed by introductions

A “typical” walking day

  • Walk a pace of 4.0 to 4.5 km/hour. Total distance – approximately 20-28 km daily
  • 6 am – wake-up and pack up tents, and possibly breakfast
  • 7 am – Mass
  • 7:30 am – breakfast and finish packing up & loading trucks
  • 8:15 am – spiritual input
  • 8:30 am – begin walking
  • 10:15 am – having travelled 5-7 km: morning break and water replenish – 15 minutes
  • 12 noon – having travelled another 5-7 km: lunch – 1 hour, Porta-Potty available
  • 2:30 pm – having travelled another 5-7 km: afternoon break and water replenish – 15 minutes
  • 4 pm – having travelled another 5-7 km: arrive at destination for the day
  • 6 pm – supper
  • 7 pm – spiritual group sharing
  • 11 pm – lights out

Dates & lodging

  • Day 1 – 20 km – camping at St. Peter’s Church grounds in Oustic
  • Day 2 – 27.5 km – camping at Sciarra’s family home, Caledon
  • Day 3 – 22 km – camping at Valley of Mother of God Monastery
  • Day 4 – 25 km – camping at Gibson Farms, Alliston
  • Day 5 – 28 km – camping at Tiffin Conservation Area (Rainbow Valley Rd.)
  • Day 6 – 26 km – camping at St. Patrick Church, Phelpston
  • Day 7 – 27 km – camping at St. Ignace II (1645 Rosemount Rd.
  • Day 8 – 17 km – arrive at Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland
  • Note – locations are subject to change

Planning Committee

  • Fr. Roger Yaworski, SJ (Spiritual Leadership)
  • Fr. Greg Kennedy, SJ (Spiritual Leadership)
  • Fr. Raphael Ma, C.R. (Spiritual Leadership)
  • Tracy Bolzon
  • Marisa Comacchio-Stradiotto
  • Tanya DeGroot
  • Karen Dysart
  • Dino Gagliardi
  • Cindy Greatrex
  • Dave Halfpenny
  • Corinne Kennedy
  • Penny McCabe
  • Vito Porcellato
  • Georgine Willemsma
  • Bob Berno
  • Kevin Van Dekerkhove
  • Jane Bennett


The organizers of the Walking Pilgrimage are most grateful to many volunteers and companies who have given so freely of their time, goods and services.  God bless them all!

Meals & food

A sincere thanks to our gracious volunteers who provide food and prepare meals which nourish us on our journey.

  • Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate Parish, Guelph – Catholic Women’s League
  • Holy Rosary Parish, Guelph – Catholic Women’s League
  • Sacred Heart Church, Guelph – Bazaar Committee
  • St. Joseph’s Parish, Guelph – Knights of Columbus
  • The Italian-Canadian Club, Guelph
  • Zehrs Market, Eramosa Rd., Guelph
  • John & Marcia Stevers – Blue Haven Farm, Rockwood
  • Loyola House, Guelph
  • Hacks, Fisburn


Many thanks to our gracious hosts who welcome us so warmly on our journey.

  • Indeo Family, Oustic
  • Sciarra Family, Caledon
  • Gibson Family, Alliston
  • Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Alliston
  • The Valley of the Mother of God Monastery, Orangeville
  • St. Peter’s Church, Oustic
  • John & Yole Ostetto, Guelph
  • Yeaman Family, Windy Ridge Farm
  • O’Leary Family, Loretto
  • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority – Tiffin Conservation Area, Utopia
  • St. Patrick’s Parish, Phelpston
  • The Martyrs’ Shrine, St. Ignace II, Midland
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