First and foremost, be sure to register for the pilgrimage as early as possible. The number of pilgrims who can participate is limited.  Register today!

Once having confirmed your place in the pilgrimage, make a list of personal items that will ensure your comfort and safety on the walk.  Note that pilgrims need to arrange their own transportation home from Midland.  Contact us if this is an issue or you have questions.

To ensure easy identification of your gear during transport, put your name on all your belongings.  Below are some tips and suggested items to ensure your comfort and enjoyment on the trips.


  • two pairs of walking boots/shoes + sandals
  • socks
  • walking shorts/trousers/skirt
  • tee shirts/tops
  • underwear
  • hat and sunglasses
  • swimming suits
  • rain gear (i.e. poncho, etc.)
  • jacket/track suit for evening/nights

Worthy investments include good walking or hiking shoes. Bringing two pairs that are “broken in” gives your feet a break by alternating pairs from one day to the next.  Good quality socks will help to reduce blistering.  Also, quick-dry shirts will keep you cool; they also dry quickly after being washed at night and worn the next day.

Personal items

  • sunscreen – SPF 30 or higher
  • tooth brush & paste
  • antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • towel, soap, shampoo
  • talcum powder
  • toilet paper, wet wipes
  • camera, film, and spare batteries
  • Rosary

Camping gear

  • tent & waterproof groundsheet
  • sleeping bag & mattress (self-inflating, foam, or air)
  • small flashlight and spare batteries
  • at least two garbage bags
  • Ziploc bags (to keep camera, flashlight, batteries, etc. dry)
  • duct tape (for repairs to equipment and perhaps to stick on feet to avoid blisters)
  • folding chair
  • small (children’s) backpack or fanny pack
  • re-fillable water bottle and carrier
  • whistle (to summon aid or get attention)

The organizers will supply

  • all meals and snacks, including Gatorade
  • medical supplies (including first aid kit and bandages for blisters)
  • Epson salts
  • transportation of heavy gear such as tents, sleeping bags, knapsacks