Trip Planner

First and foremost, be sure to register for the pilgrimage as early as possible as space is limited!  Register today to secure your spot!

Once having confirmed your place in the pilgrimage, refer to the GWP Additional Information link for planning ideas, packing tips and suggested items, the daily routine of the pilgrimage, safety rules and volunteer opportunities to ensure the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of your pilgrimage. Click here for the GWP Additional Information planning resource.

Note that pilgrims need to arrange their own transportation home from Midland. Those who need to bring their cars, the opportunity to shuttle your car from one camp location to the next will be available after lunch and generally takes 60-90 minutes away from your walking time. Car pooling is encouraged for the ride back to Guelph. Contact us if this is an issue or you have questions.

Due to safety reasons, no suitcases or garbage bags. Please ensure your clothing, personal items, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. are packed in duffel or hockey bags (maximum bag weight is 20 kg) Rectangular-shaped bags pack best and are the safest for handling. We discourage the use of large back-packs for packing in the truck for safety reasons. Day-packs that you carry daily while walking are OK and are your responsibility. To ensure easy identification of your gear during transport, put your name on all your belongings.

Please familiarize yourself with the Pilgrimage Safety Instructions. A few simple rules will make your pilgrimage more enjoyable and ensure everyone’s safety.

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