Are you keen to learn about regenerative agriculture?

Ignatius Farm has been training folks in organic agriculture since 2002. You can join the movement that is creating circular local food systems and healthy farming systems that tackle climate change!

Are you getting into small plot agriculture or ecological agriculture? Have you always wanted to do a farm internship but it didn’t fit into your schedule? Are you building your farming knowledge and want specialized workshops? Are you looking to dive into a farm business but need some guidance? Ignatius Farm has options for you!

Open a window and let in some fresh farm air…

Do you have time and crave a deep dive into learning farming skills, agricultural language and its application, and farm business basics?

Do an Ignatius Farm Internship! Mid-April – late November.

This foundational experience is packed with full-time learning and working as part of the Ignatius Farm team. Over 125 alumni of this program are now farming and advocating for better food systems. Read the Internship Information package and apply! You will grow and eat a lot of delicious food, contribute to all aspects of the Farm, and enjoy the many community and networking connections of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre and our partners. Scroll down for curriculum details. *Deadline is February 28, 2022! See job posting here*

The Ignatius Jesuit Centre (IJC) aspires to be an equitable and inclusive place where a diversity of life experiences, identities and perspectives work together. IJC encourages Ignatius Farm applicants from all walks of life, especially those from communities that have been historically excluded from farming or access to farmland. We apply an anti-oppression framework to our work and have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment at Ignatius.

Do you want that training, but can’t commit to an internship?

Sign up for the Ignatius Farm New Farmer Training Program.

With collaboration from Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO), Everdale and now the National Farmers Union-Ontario, Ignatius Farm restructured its internship into this new program available to advance any new farmer and those interested in farming, gardening, and food advocacy anywhere. The NFT program offers:

  • 40+ online workshops and virtual field days with local farms and food businesses
  • Monthly, optional in-person field day at a farm in SW Ontario

Participants begin in April with foundational knowledge, learn about specialized aspects of farming over the growing season, and focus in November on establishing farm businesses.  

Join for a single webinar, term, or the entire program. Scroll down for the curriculum schedule. 

Registration opens March 2022 at Contact for more details.

Do you want to complement your courses with hands-on gardening at your own pace and schedule?

Register for a Community Garden plot and apply your learnings directly. Ignatius Farm has 3.5 acres of garden plots, starting at 100 ft2. Review the Community Gardens page and register online or drop by over the winter!

Do you have a bit of time available and prefer hands-on learning with others?

Volunteer or Workshare! See the inside farming scoop by volunteering with the farm team on occasion or regularly. Working Shares receive a CSA share in exchange for volunteering weekly!  Groups are also welcome. Email to get in the field.

Do you have decent farming knowledge and skills and are ready to launch your farm project?

Propose an Acreage Rental. Ignatius Farm rents fields to new and established businesses and organizations. Review the Request for Proposals and submit your plan! Fill in your knowledge gaps with a workshop from the New Farmer Training Program.

Ignatius Farm’s New Farmer Training Program!

  • Ignatius Farm interns participate in the full program with all fees covered
  • Monthly in-person field trip to farms in SW Ontario!
  • Become an EFAO member and benefit from lower fees!

Sample Program (dates & times subject to change)

Term 1: April 20-29, (9-11am & 2:30-4:30pm)

  • 7 Webinars
  • Provides foundational knowledge and language for basic farm work.
  • Sample workshops: The Language of Ecological Agriculture in Ontario, Intro to Organic Growing, Soils, Botany, and Intro to Indoor Growing.

Term 2: Monday & Wednesday afternoons, May-July (2:30-4:30pm)

  • 16 Webinars/virtual field days, 3 optional in-person field trips
  • Teaches the application of farm language and knowledge.
  • Sample workshops: Irrigation, Field & Bed preparation, Weed management, Harvest & postharvest handling, Cover crops & green manures, Indoor fruiting crops, Ergonomics/farmer health, Equipment maintenance.

There is a 5-week break between terms 2 and 3 for participants to catch up on recordings.

Term 3: Monday & Wednesday afternoons, September-October (2:30-4:30pm)

  • 10 Webinars/Virtual field days, 2 optional in-person field trips
  • Expands beyond basics to build skills for a specialized farm.
  • Sample workshops/field trips: Crop planning, seed saving, Livestock (various), Orchard care, and a deeper look into some of the topics covered in term 2.

Term 4: November 2-16 (9-11am & 2:30-4:30pm)

  • 12 Webinars/virtual field days
  • Provides entrepreneurship training for operating a farm business.
  • Sample workshops: Farm Design, Business planning, Production system management, Budgets & Record keeping, Marketing and distribution, Financing, and Land access.

*Online meet-ups will be scheduled each term for those participating in the full program/a full term in order to facilitate networking and participant learning objectives.

*Full program participants receive a certificate in the Ignatius Farm New Farmer Training Program.

This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

“The views expressed in this program are the views of the EFAO, Ignatius Farm, Everdale and, the NFU-O and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province”

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