Our Farm Ethic

Ignatius Farm expresses the Program Objectives of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre through organic and relational farming.

Organic farming focuses on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. We build and sustain healthy soil through the use of composts, complex crop rotations, and green manure crops. The result is that the crops grown in our soil taste delicious and full of life! No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm. Ignatius Farm is certified organic through ECOCERT, a third-party international organic certification and accreditation body.

Relational farming focuses on nurturing human-scale economics. You can have a Zero-Mile Diet by coming to the farm for food we grow, or growing your own in a garden plot! We hold that eating locally and in season does more than reduce the travel distance to our food – farms and communities need each other to survive and thrive. In order to make farms and organic food more accessible, we offer opportunities to get involved with farming activities, to sponsor harvest shares and garden plots for families and service agencies, and to be mentored in organic agriculture practices.

We need our community to be your community farm!

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