Farm Assistant(s) – Indoor Production, Markets, Education

Contract:  September 5, 2017 – September 2, 2018 – four contracts varying from 27-48 weeks

Posting Date:  July 19, 2017

Deadline:  August 14, 2017 (for September 5 contract start)

Submit resume and letter of interest to the Office Coordinator.

Ignatius Farm, an organic community based training farm, is an integral part of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. The Ignatius land is considered sacred and those who work the land must have a commitment to ecology.

Ignatius Farm grows certified organic vegetables and berries for Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) members, the Milton Farmers Market, local businesses, and service agencies. Farm programs include Community Gardens, Acreage rentals, Internships, Working Shares and volunteering.

Four Ontario Job Creation Partnership positions will work with the Ignatius Farm team to implement new Indoor Crop Production and Training.

Read full job description here.