Ignatius Farm has a community garden plot just for you. Perhaps you used to garden, but no longer have a good place for it now. Or growing up, perhaps you used to garden alongside your parents and now want to garden with your children. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about having a garden, or were curious about organic gardening, but were not sure about how to get started.

Regardless of why are you interested in a garden plot, whether you are a master gardener or have never gardened in your life, how big (or how small) of a plot suits your needs, or if for you the best part of community gardening is the people you meet, Ignatius Farm’s “community garden plots” is the answer.

Before registering for this year’s Community Garden season, please read the guidelines to learn about the different types of plots that are available (annual, biennial, and perennial), garden timelines and organic practices.  We also have mulch and compost for sale.

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See our Ignatius Farm Brochure.