Ecology at Ignatius

Those who work, walk, play, and pray on the land of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre experience first-hand the deep connection between humans and the sacredness of Earth. For many, experiencing this connection can be extremely powerful, evoking a deep sense of peace and promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health. The Ignatius Jesuit Centre provides programs to foster deeper ecological awareness and connection with Earth.


It has been said that creation is God’s First and primary revelation. At Ignatius Jesuit Centre we are developing a variety of programs for ecology…for our relationship with Creation. These programs offer experiences that are deeply transformative of our relationship with nature, as well as opportunities to pray together with and for Earth.

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Ecological Agriculture

Organic farming focuses on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. We build and sustain healthy soil through the use of composts, complex crop rotations, and green manure crops. The result is that the crops grown in our soil taste delicious and full of life! No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm. Ignatius Farm is certified organic through ECOCERT, a third-party international organic certification and accreditation body.

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Ecological Stewardship

The care of this land is characterized by ecological management, where the different uses are viewed and managed as a whole rather than as separate parts. We believe in right relationship with the Earth and our care of the land reflects this by our respect for the living things that make their homes here. Our stewardship activities in the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest and in the forest, meadows, and wetlands of the rest of the Centre focus on restoring and maintaining native habitats and increasing native species diversity. Affirming our commitment to ecological stewardship, our formal grounds are maintained without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

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Laudato Si

Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and human ecology.

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